To say

To say ""Domestic travel experience stories"", I love Japan. As long as I go abroad, I would like to travel around Japan and I am really going somewhere like every year. Born in Osaka, the place called Hokkaido was a land of dreams than overseas, but ... I came to move three years ago when I came to see my present wife and moved. It is a really great place to come on a trip in summer. There is a hot spring, there is also a nature, and when the food is delicious, it seems that you can really enjoy the real pleasure of traveling. I love history, I can taste the romance of that history on a trip, so I liked the trip. When I look at the castle and the shrine temples and temples, I feel like I can feel the breath of old people there. When I feel the climate of the land, when I contact a living person and learn about the history of the land, I feel like I can understand this Japan one more time. Even so, I do not go abroad, I have a feeling of domestic travel. There are only places where I can go only about 1/5 more, but I will continue to travel internationally in order to know more about this country called Japan.